About This Employer

Joval Family Wines
Level 3, 436 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
Joval Family Wines is a collection of highly successful wine brands and Australia's first wine style specific glassware range.

Our aim is to make the best wines, from the best grapes, grown in their most suitable regions. To do this we team with exceptional winemakers in Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy whose focus is to make wines with a sense of place and from highly regarded varietals.

In Australia our brands include: Tar & Roses, Sticks, Rising, In Dreams, Cake Wines, Mojo Winemakers, RockBare and Plumm.

In New Zealand we produce Catalina Sounds, Crowded House, Nanny Goat Vineyards, Totara, and Ta Nui.

Our European brands are: Bandini Prosecco, Aquilani, Rameau d'Or, Debussy and Reverie.

Our parent company Joval Wine Group proudly distributes these wines through their fine wine distribution companies red+white and Mezzanine The Fine Wine Specialist.