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Orbis Wines
34 Commercial Road
Hyde Park SA 5061
Orbis Wines Brad  Moyes
Orbis wines was established in 2018 following the purchase of the Orbis vineyard in McLaren Vale. Orbis Wines is committed to regenerative viticulture, the pursuit of closed loop farming and carbon net zero. Guided by our commitment to future generations we use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our decision making. These goals include freedom from poverty and hunger, education, health and wellbeing, equality, meaningful work, biodiversity conservation and climate action. In line with these goals we seek to maximise the productivity of the land of which we are the custodians and to produce products that promote the health and wellbeing of those that consume them.

Our name Orbis is latin for circular motion and our happy ouroborous serpent eating its own tail logo was used in egyptian, greek and norse cultures to depict eternal life or the perfect perpetual closed system. Our ouroborous faces counterclockwise as we recognise that rather than merely sustain the environment we seek to regenerate it back to its natural fertility, biodiversity and balance.

Key achievements towards our goals include the conversion of the majority of our vineyards to high cordon to allow year round under-vine grazing by our growing babydoll sheep flock as we work towards the elimination of herbicides and slashing, production of bio-char from old vines and mulch from grape marc and wood waste. Sustainable native forestry is practiced and timber used for on-site construction. Our on-site winery is off grid and solar powered and where possible vehicles and equipment are electric and utilise spare generation capacity. We are pursuing bottle re-use and other forms of low carbon packaging.

Consistent with our values Orbis Wines operates as a meritocracy and we propose to transition to an employee ownership model for the Orbis Farms and Orbis Wines businesses.