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VINTAGE RECRUITMENT - Bibber International



Looking for a vintage job? We have it all covered for you!

Looking for vintage in Australia? Congratulations you’re on your way to get the best experience of your life! If you’re a winemaker, cellar hand, wine laboratory worker or viticulturist we have the perfect job for you. Right now we have lots of wineries looking for staff! Don’t miss out, apply for the Bibber program and start making plans for your Australian adventure! 


We can help you with:

You will meet and work with people from all over the world, have access to different and advanced technologies, and experience new winemaking processes. All this, combined with all the best that Australia has to offer including the fun elements of working in the fabulous Australian wine regions.

Contact us to find out more about our wine program. Leave everything in the expert hands of the Bibber team, with 28 years’ experience in the wine industry and more than a decade working with wine industry visas, we are your best choice to make the most of this exciting and unique life experience.

Leave the stress to us, we can handle it all for you, whether it is just the visa, the job or both. Why make everything complicated when we can make it stress-free, fully supported and enjoyable for you.

Job Requirements

  • Winery/laboratory/viticulture experience and or qualifications
  • Under 31 years of age
  • Good English Language skills
  • An interest in Australian culture

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Just relax, we have the right vintage staff for you!

An easy way to employ enthusiastic and experienced vintage staff!


You can choose from a wide range of staff who are enthusiastic, committed to the wine industry and eager to learn. All our Bibbers are qualified and/or have experience in winemaking, viticulture or laboratory – and the most important thing is that they are happy to work long hours and get their hands dirty!

You may also learn practices from other winemaking areas of the world. More importantly, you may get an insight into the culture of your present and future export markets!

You can see now all the available people on our website. Each applicant has a CV, autobiography, references if available and also a YouTube video, to give you the chance to check their English and get and overall feel for their personality.

"We've been working with Bibber sourcing talented, motivated, and knowledgeable vintage staff for nearly a decade now.  The young people joining us always lend a great worldly atmosphere to the place during vintage and all the hassles of hosting overseas staff such as visas, banking, and taxes are taken care of for us.  Every year we look forward to our next crop of Bibber recruits."

Alan Varney 

Cellar Manager 

d'Arenberg Winery

"Just a short note to thank you for the help you have provided in sourcing young Industry professionals from around the world for our vintages during the last three years. The staff Bibber has located on our behalf have been of invaluable assistance to King Valley Wines, given its relatively remote location and the small local employment pool.

The service from your staff has been seamless, professional and complete with no loose ends left over to consume valuable time at a later date.

I look forward to working with you next vintage and for many vintages to come."

Garry Wall

CEO/Chief Winemaker

King Valley Wines

"Bibber is a great staffing solution for vintage. Like grapes to wine, they go hand in hand. Since Vintage 2000, I have staffed some of my vintage crew from Bibber to create a mix of international talent and locals that not only solves a staffing solution, but enhances the experience for everyone. I see locals take pride in showing our visitors everything our wine regions have to offer, and in turn, they make friendships that can last forever, which might also help them with their own overseas vintage experience. It is great fun to have young people here from all over the world, especially those who really want to learn and be part of we are trying to do.

I fully endorse Sue and her team help you find an international Bibber for your next vintage."

Andrew Keogh

Winery Operations Manager

McLaren Vintners. 

Once you notify us of your chosen applicants, we lock them in for your winery and begin the visa process. Your ‘Bibbers’ will spend a few days with us before they arrive at the winery. During this time, we organise all their tax and banking arrangements, and introduce them to as many cultural icons as possible (Vegemite, Tim Tams, Meat pies, Coopers, and Kangaroos). We also help get them used to the Aussie sense of humour and warn them about the nicknames they may be given by their workmates! Occasionally there are times when we get to rub some corners off and adjust some attitudes!  We coordinate the Bibber’s arrival, so that they are with us for the week before you need them to start. Then, at the end of the week, we organise their transport to you. 

When vintage is over and they leave your winery, we take care of all the little details, such as forwarding mail, doing their tax returns (through a registered tax agent) and helping them claim their superannuation. And if you like them so much you want to keep them, we can help you with that as well!

We have the right people for you, so just relax and leave everything in our expert hands!




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