Caption Competition

 You've heard of s**t creek right? This is it's big brother!
- Glen Green 
(Naturally I think this is the funniest but because I can't award myself the prize, keep reading for all the other funny entries , and finally we'll let you in on what the advert is actually for)
Niagara Falls
 "Marlborough 2008"
- Andrew Halliwell
(Winning Entry, congrats Andrew, we have a nice little gift coming your way)
"Wish those people would stop waving hello can't they see I'm busy"
- Liz Burgoyne
'It's ok,  it looks like the Sauv Blanc lake is finally emptying...'
 - Jon Baxter
“ and from where I sit,  I can see plain sailing from now on...”
- Deb Robinson
“The Cellar Manager must really like me to be sending me on these important errands on my second day”
- Sam Mckinnon
"She Loves Me? She Loves Me Not?"
- Jo Hawker
"New Zealand wine industry just before the 2008 harvest, ignorance truly is bliss!!"
- Matthew Ensorr
“I don’t understand this New Zealand Sauv-alanche.  It all seems under control to me!”
- David Cumming
"Jeeze the sun's bright today, but what's that god almighty sound?"
- Doug Whittaker
"I wish Julia was here with me"  says Kevin
- James Williamson
 "Wow that plunging during vintage really worked... Im going fast enough to beat my record!!"
- Lauren Hansen
"Yeah - I AM IN THE ZO(ne), O - Oh!"
- Paul Bishard
"... gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily..."
-  Marc Jardine 
" is but a dream."
- Martin Barry (Nice finish Martin, ED)
"God, I love my mp3 player!"
- Stuart Buss
"The New Inventors; calling for someone to invent a forward-vision-mirror"
- Dale Unwin 
 What were they advertising?
Bose noise reducing headphones of course! 
Thanks to all who entered.