Your Best Bottle of Wine vs Your Most Enjoyable

Most Expensive = 1990 Grange

Most Memorable (& briefly why) =  The jug of Retsina at 10am in a Greek taverna half way down a cliff on Corfu when I was 19 (the other two jugs weren't bad either!)

Most Expensive = 1998 Krug Clos De Mesnil Magnum

Most Memorable = 1995 Fontana Fredda Muscato de Asti, had at a birthday party, and never really knew that it was going to be such an amazing wine. Everyone was stunned at how perfect the wine was and how it just suited exactly the moment and mood of the whole night. Sometimes it's the simplicity that makes a great wine, not making things over complicated, so everyone can enjoy them. 

- Larissa & Brent Park

Most Memorable = I guess this was my most expensive too. However, my most recent Enjoyable is my own 2009 Pinot. Live life drink for life. 

Most Expensive = Well my most enjoyable bottle of wine was back in 1984, Brown Brothers  Cabernet Sauvignon 1976. Boy did my friend get in trouble for that from his wife!!!. 

- Gordon

Most Expensive = 1986 Grange Hermitage

Most Memorable = 1988 Rockford Cabernet Sauvignon in 1991. 

After spending 10 years being reluctantly dragged around the Barossa from 1976 - 1983 by my Father I decided I hated Red Wine. Then in 1991 I spent 6 months in Europe and discovered what it was all about. Ironically my old man used to rave about Robert O'Callahan form around 1986 which I ignored, it was this bottle of wine in 1991 that set me up on the Rockford mailing list and in turn a stone waller which apart from being bold and smooth set me on the path of the joy of cellar doors, regions and being a proud South Aussie.

- Matthew Nolan



Most Expensive = 1998 Christal

Most Memorable (& briefly why) = 2001 Block 5 Felton Rd and 1990 Museum Elizabeth. Shared on the same evening with good mates in the Hunter just before I left to do my first vintage OS.

- Pen Sear



Most Expensive = 1974 Penfolds Grange

Most Memorable (& briefly why) =   2005 Grant Burge Filsell because I emailed James Halliday about a tasting note for this wine on his website, and also drank it the same night that the Demons got thrashed by West Coast in the regular season! (I'm a Melbourne fan) 

- Luke Williams



Most Expensive = A 1983 Chateau Margaux drunk in 2003 on my 20th wedding anniversary.

Most Memorable (& briefly why) =   A toss up between a 1985 Delamolte Champagne in the Champagne Salon tasting room with my son who was born in 1985, and a 1910 Banyuls drunk last year (2010 - 100 yrs old) with good friends.

- Jeff



One person was drawn randomly to win a bottle of wine.

Congratulations  to Luke Williams.