2015 - Vintage Photo Competition - ROSSIwineBOOTS

Photo Competition
This years photo comp is a little bit different to other years. 
You may remember in August last year I mentioned a news article that the company behind our treasured Rossi Boots had been overlooked in favour of an overseas supplier for the tender to supply boots to our Defence Force for the next five years (remember Rossi is the company that supplied footwear to Australian soldiers in both world wars and all the other wars in between) and who have been making boots for Australians FOR THE PAST 104 YEARS!
When it comes to the Australian wine industry, Rossi Boots were around since before refrigeration and stainless steel, before Peter Lehmann, Wolf Blass and even Max Schubert.
These boots are so highly regarded, appreciated and valued (not just in Australia but globally) that when you take these overseas for vintage, you can swap them for a small car (true story). I even know of one seasoned winemaking Australian in Canada that had a whole side business just supplying Rossi boots to the cellarhands of the Okanagan Valley.

So this year we want your Rossi Boot photos - old, new, clean, dirty, worn out, spit polished, being thrown at the winery dog, or even the dog wearing them. You name it, send it in...oh yeah, a caption wouldn't hurt too!
A new pair of Rossi Boots of course...steel capped no less!
Five pairs of Roosi Boots to be won in all.

"#french cellar hand converted to #Australian #RossiWineBoots"
by Anthony Grundel 

"My Rossie legends. three vintages strong! Today's treatment - Chardy & Fiano lees."

by Ruby Lily 


"Worn with pride…sadly departed now"

by Liz Adams

"These ones have been around"

by Ben Osborne


"The wellies are out and the boots are resting!"

by Michael Petrucci


"Vintage 2015 slowly comes to an end..think it's time for new boots!"

by Lambert Estates


"How about when there's no tread left?"

by Adam Holmberg


"My rossi boots hard at work processing reds at Howard Park"

by Gemma Smith


"Our Chief winemaker Gavin Berry who is celebrating his 27th vintage and tells me in all that time he has bought only 15 pairs of Boots."

by Sarah Clancy

"Blow out mid-vintage at Jim Barry in Clare"

by Will McLeay


"Sunday arvo pumpover"

by Adam Holmberg


"‪#‎rossiwineboots‬ ‪#‎race‬"

VIDEO by Paul Smart


"‪This was our first day of processing this harvest at Dalrymple waiting for press cut for whole bunch chardonnay pressing.‬"

by Andrea Lee


"‪Here are my old boots. Sadly retired now. One vintage and one pruning season. Served me well.‬"

by Ben Atkins


"‪It's just a flesh wound!‬"

by Rawley Power


"‪Life in a pair of Rossi's "

by Chloe Thomas - Ferngrove winery, frankland river, Western Australia


"‪Hard at work or hardly working"

by Emma Hall - MyattsField Vineyards, Carmel, Perth Hill, Western Australia

Ruby Lily
Lambert Estates
Rawley Power
Chloe Thomas
Emma Hall
and a special allowance for someone that was thinking completely outside the box
 ‘The Possibly Drinking Too Much at Work' award goes to:
Paul Smart 
for a very entertaining video.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Please send us your delivery details for your spanking shiny new pair of Rossi Boots.