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Graduate Diploma in Oenology

In the Graduate Diploma in Oenology, you will study the practical and theoretical aspects of wine production and viticulture.

The course will provide you with scientific knowledge and a strong understanding of the principles of oenology, including sparkling wine production, distillation, fortified wine production and beer production. There is a strong focus on the sensory evaluation of wines, exploring the relationship between grape and wine quality from domestic and international perspectives. The effects of climate, soil, grape cultivars, rootstocks, pests and diseases are also covered, with strong links to the local viticulture industry.
This course can help you obtain a solid scientific and practical understanding of oenology, including wine marketing, and is suitable if you are currently employed in the wine industry and wish to advance your career options, or if you seek to enter the industry. The course also includes an intensive, fifteen-week wine production unit at the Margaret River Campus small-scale winery.


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What our graduates say about us 

Graduate: Vanessa Carson 

"I enjoyed the focus of the course at Curtin, it was practically orientated which meant as graduates we had confidence upon leaving to start working in a winery and were able to grasp the workings of a winery as well as applying the theory to the practical components of winemaking. 

Since graduating I have worked throughout the WA, in the Swan Valley, Margaret River and Frankland regions. This has been interspersed with vintages in Bordeaux and Italy Trentino Alto-Adiege region."


For those thinking about a career in this industry I believe it to be a career that is fun, as well as a wonderful amalgamation of so many different spectrums. It combines science with art, working outdoors as well as indoors and the challenges and problem solving aspect allows it to be a constantly interesting and evolving work environment. 

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Mr. Mark Gibberd

Chair in Viticulture and Oenology 

Curtin University

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